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Music Education

improv for strings workshop 2011

Popular Music for Strings

This workshop is committed to approach the different genres of popular music, addressing aesthetic and rhythmic characteristics applied to the technical development of the violin, viola and cello.

From the polyrhythmics of Brazilian Music to Jazz Swing, harmony and improvisation, pickup and amplification for strings, loop station and play along practices, among other topics, are foreseen in the programmatic content.

All this, in addition to being innovative and adapted to different levels, the course is truly focused on the reality of the current music market.

The classes are theoretical-expositive, appreciative and practical, developing diverse repertoire and offering performances open to the public.

Currently offered live individual online lessons  through Felipe Karam School of Brazilian Fiddle.



Brazilian Ensemble

The ensemble was winner of the "2012 Funarte Didactic Concerts Award". Mr. Karam held workshops and interactive concerts of brazilian music forover  six years, touring the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middle East and the brazilian  Amazon region. The group was part of "Live Music Now",an UK based organisation  founded by the violinist Yehudi Menuhin.

brazilian ensemble amazon tour 2012

History and Appreciation of Latin American Music

Left,some photos of Felipe's performance in the USA, presenting concerts and teaching the course through the "Fulbright Scholar in Residence Award". Mr. Karam  taught for ten months in the Music Department of "Naugatuck Valley Community College" in Waterbury, Connecticut , USA (2016-2017)


This discipline tells the chronological, theoretical and appreciative history of Latin American music. Adresses the most representative names in Latin American music, the musical revolutions, the repercussion of the arrival of Iberian baroque dances to the "new world," the fusion of African and Indigenous music, and its role in the development of cultural identity throught out the continent.

Currently offered to institutions through the Felipe Karam School of Brazilian Fiddle.

history and appreciation of latin american music us 2016/2017

Felipe Karam School of Brazilian Fiddle emerged in 2012 in Brazil, with the goal of instructing students of violin and string instruments the art of playing popular music. It offers classes and workshops both face-to-face and online, covering: Technical exercises, rhythmic boeing, improvisation, perception, harmony, Brazilian Music and traditional fiddle techniques.


Although for many, the violin remains an instrument that transits only in the world of concert music, in those lessons, the student has the chance to practice other styles such as: Swing, Gypsy Jazz, Irish Fiddle, Brazilian rhythms (Baião, Choro, Samba, Chamamé ...).  Also, learn musical forms and the essentials for the coherent understanding of rhythm, phrasing and articulations so player can apply the appropriate "accent" of each style.

felipe karam school of brazilian fiddle since 2012

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