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Receive the CD De Sol a Sol, sent all over Brazil, following this step by step!

"Violinists are a rarity in Brazilian popular music. To begin with, they need to overcome resistance from those who insist on keeping the instrument in the classical field. Even an artist like Porto Alegre Felipe Karam, son and brother of musicians, who has read music since he was six For years, he had to push the bars until he reached his first solo album, the surprising one (because of its novelty and scope) De Sol a Sol.


De Sol a Sol begins with Ingénuo, by Pixinguinha, on a five-string violin solo – you've never heard a choro played like that. Then comes a “normal” choro, with a group, Espinha de Bacalhau (Severino Araújo); a baião with choro and jazz, Bom Pra Karam (Samuca do Acordeon); the lyric waltz-seresteira Menina Ilza (Hermeto), with violin, cello and bass; the exciting frevo De Sol a Sol.

And there's more: forró, Celtic folklore, ballad, jazz, northeastern xote, a combination of Turkish and Eastern European music (Sete Velas, with Flávia Domingues, Karam's mother, playing the lute).
Among the very good musicians, Neemias Santos (piano), Everson Vargas (acoustic bass), Luiz Morais (guitar 7) and Sandro Bonato (drums). Also a rare record, serious candidate for the Açorianos Award.

Juarez Fonsceca - Musical critic, published in Jornal Zero Hora, 11/16/18, Porto Alegre-RS, Brazil.

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